Information and Prices

Description Price Pounds
Traditional Crane 15" $1000 4
Traditional Crane 26" $1800 11
Traditional Crane 32" $2400 21
Traditional Crane 72" $6400 75 lbs
Standing Crane 24" $2400 14
Standing Crane 32" $3200 28
Standing Crane 72" $8600 150 lbs
Set of Three Swans $2800 33 lbs
Plus shipping (see below)
All dimensions and shipping weights are approximate since each is custom made Custom mounting available... depending on your requirements. Flat bases, lawn 'spikes', hidden bolts for mounting to benches or stone, etc. Just contact me!
Payment can be made via credit card through PayPal, just click here...

Some other possibilities... Please suggest others you have seen and would be interested in!

Description Price Steel Pounds Pieces
Two Penguins (18" adult and chick) $2400 3/16" 25 22
Canary 24" $1800 1/8" 12 13
Horned Owl (wall mount) 24" $1800 1/8" 12 11
Wild Goose (wall mount) 24" $1800 1/8" 12 12
Flying Heron (wall mount) 24" $1800 1/8" 12 14

Click on the description to see a folded paper model
Weights and other details are guesses

Boring stuff:

Payments, Shipping, etc...
I can also accept a Bank Check, Money Order, or even a Personal Check
Checks need to be from a US bank and in US currency,
   made out to "NeuralZone LLC" (my sculpture & software company),
   have your driver's license number and home phone number written on it,
   and once received, will need a few days to clear
Full payment must be made before shipment

Approximate shipping costs:
I will normally ship UPS insured (packed by The UPS Store) within the US:
Up to 5 pounds... $40
Up to 10 pounds... $60
Up to 20 pounds... $100
Up to 30 pounds... $120
Up to 40 pounds... $140
Larger, out of the US, or other shipping methods, just ask

Please email or call about prices for special sizes or other origamis that interest you!
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